Podcast Publisher Play

Podcast Publisher Play is the first product in the Podcast Publish suite designed for consumers. With Play, users are able to subscribe to podcasts on Windows 8 through the Metro UI. Version 1 is available in the Store now, with new features being considered and developed every day. In time, Play will be available on all major mobile operating systems, with the ability to sync between devices automatically.

For Consumers

Podcast Publisher Play allows consumers to subscribe to their favorite audio and video podcasts in an easy to use Metro interface on Windows 8.

For Producers

Podcast Publisher Console is a full site management system allowing producers to create content in a system designed for podcasting, not a system where podcasting is a plug-in after thought.

For Publishers

Podcast Publisher Social allows podcasters and bloggers to interact with their social networks in an autoamted way that both increases page ranking and user visibility.

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